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Donnell Middle School Announcements

-Lost and found items have begun to accumulate again and will be donated if not retrieved.  If you student is missing items of clothing, books, shoes, etc. please remind them to check the lost and found located near the office. It is always helpful to write your student's name inside lunch boxes, pencil pouches, and even on clothing tags whenever possible.

-The sale has been extended for the World's Finest Chocolate bars being sold to help fund the Washington D.C. trip.  We will continue it until after Christmas break and more is available in the office if needed.         They make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

-There will not be a PTO meeting for the month of December.  Our next meeting which will be on Monday, January 11th at 7pm in the Community Room.

- On Friday after school Donnell Student Council will meet until 3:15 PM in the Band Room.

- Collections have begun for the Teens for Jean drive. Gently used jeans are collected and distributed to homeless and needy teens.  A drop off box is provided in the office.

- The Humane Society is taking donations for our 4 legged friends.  A list of needed items is posted throughout the bldg. and drop boxes are provided in the bldg. for items such as dog food, laundry soap, paper towels, cat food, cat litter, bleach and toys. Donations are due by Dec 17th.

TIC (Trauma Informed Care) Message:
With the holiday season quickly approaching, most of us are looking forward to spending quality time with our family and friends and all of the holiday traditions that make this time of year special.  For others, the holiday season brings stress and feelings of loss or disappointment.  It is important to be aware that the holidays can trigger complicated feelings and emotionally charged behaviors.  Even for people who have not experienced trauma, the holidays can be a stressful time.  Besides the stressors of buying gifts, travel expenses, and family interactions, the shorter days and lack of sunlight in winter can make people feel depressed.  Being aware of and prepared for the wide range of potential emotional reactions to the holidays can help us all be mindful, compassionate and supportive of one another.   On behalf of the FCS TIC Committee, Happy Holidays!

December's virtue is Compassion. Students who received this award demonstrate...kindness, caring, concern, courtesy, support, empathy, mercy, forgiveness, service, and helpfulness. Congratulations to the students!
Teachers selected:
     6th graders- Sophia Ruiz and Henry Charles
     7th graders- Rhys Bello and Maylia Stone
     8th graders- Mary Moser and Carson Gertz

- Don't forget to save those aluminum cans for Mrs. Acuna.  The Ball Metal Corporation gives us money for them and we put it to good use!

-Power of the Pen meets on Monday and Wednesday after school.

-Second Step is a middle school program that is a universal classroom-based prevention program designed to decrease aggression, bullying and increase student's social skills and school success. All DMS are involved in the program and it provides a foundation for creating a safe, respectful learning environment. Last week, grade 6 covered: Calming down strategies, grade 7 covered staying in control and grade 8 covered coping with stress.  Please contact us is if you have questions or concerns.

-Address changes cannot be processed without a proof of residency. Please be sure and send in a copy of a utility bill or other documentation that proves residency if you have an address change to be made.


- The deadline is approaching for the YMCA Boys Basketball League.  If you are not playing on a school team consider this league. Please see attached flyer for more information.

-8th grade boys basketball practice has been changed to Sunday @ 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the gym.

GW Girls BBall w/ Kenton - 10:00am - FHS Auxiliary Gym
DO and GW Wrestling at Donnell Duals - 10:00 am  - Donnell MS

Building Reminders:
Students/Parents: Gum is not allowed in the building and students chewing gum will be disciplined.  Please remember if you are chewing gum on the way to school to dispose of it in a trash can before entering the building.  We want to ensure our school remains beautiful inside and out.  Also,  please be respectful of our neighbors by not littering on their lawns or picking their flowers on the way home from school.

Parents - please do not pick up or drop off any car riders on Baldwin Avenue.  All car riders should be dropped off and picked up on Lime Street.  It is very dangerous having students run across the street in front of buses in the dark.  Our students' safety is our top priority - please use Lime Street.

Parents - please be extra careful when dropping off and picking up your students on Lime St.  There should only be one lane of traffic on that street.  Please be patient and wait your turn as you drop off and pick up your student.  We appreciate your help in this matter...we want our students to be safe.

Email Alerts now available for Progress Book:
Once you have registered for a Progress Book account, you can go to the Family Information section on the left side and click on Alerts.
You can have an email sent to you for when your student is missing assignments or has received a low assignment score.  You must check the appropriate boxes and click the Set Low Marks Settings to view the classes you wish to see low scores associated. You MUST choose a letter grade for each subject you wish to receive the alert about.

Parents - please note that all absences must be followed up with a note from home upon your student's return to school.  If they do not bring in a note with the reason for their absence, it will be unexcused.  Also, each and every time a student will be absent from school, we must receive a call regarding that absence.  If before school hours, please leave a message on the attendance line  at 419-425-8371.

Progress Book Access
If you need assistance with setting up your students / parent progress book access, please go to this link off the Donnell website.  It is on the left side column called:  Progress Book Assistance.
Please fill in the form completely, with your student's full name and your full name.  If you just need the registration code, please state that and one will be sent to you.  Parents and students each have their own code.  If you are having other issues, please explain your situation and someone will contact you.

Lunch Accounts/ Fees:  Parents did you know that you can go through EZ Pay and sign up for text alerts to be notified when your child's lunch account is getting low?  Avoids having to check the account every day and student reminders don't always make it home to parents.  All you need is an email/phone number, your student's ID number and 2 minutes of your time, so check it out today at our school website!

Don Williams
Donnell Principal

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