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Donnell Middle School Announcements:

New Donnell Attendance Number:  1-844-305-3755.  Please remember to call in on the new number prior to 8:00 a.m. if your student will be absent or late. If you student needs to leave early, you will still call the office at 419-425-8371.

-If you were not able to attend the 8th grade Washington DC trip meeting last night, informational handouts are available in the office for pick up.    They have also been emailed    in a separate email for your convenience.

-The deadline for free and reduced lunches carryover from last year is today.  If you have not renewed your free/reduced lunch application, you will need to do so as soon as possible.  If you have any questions about the status of your application, you can call 419-420-7014.

- The Donnell PTO Magazine/Cookie Dough/Tumbler Sale is in full swing. This is a great way to support our PTO which provides money for our teachers and students.  Southern Living takes the winners of their cookie dough contests each year and makes their recipes available to the public in the form of new cookie dough. Renewals of current subscriptions you may already get are also available.  The tumblers make great gifts and are dishwasher and microwave safe as well.  Turn in date is  October 6th.  Please be sure to ask your student about the sale!

-In Findlay City Schools, the September Virtue is, Self-Discipline.  Those that display this virtue: resolve conflicts peacefully, exhibit patience, demonstrate self-control, sacrifice short-term gratification for long term goals, are diligent, are a good listener, and practice positive self-reflection. Congratulations to all of our winners!  Teachers in each grade level felt the following students demonstrated these characteristics:

       6th graders- Grace Jung and JJ Benjamin
       7th graders- Trace Robinson and Olivia Churchill
       8th graders- Josh Boyd and Emma Lutz

-PTO meets the second Monday of every month in the Room 101 at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted. All are welcome.

-Always be sure and check our online calendars for the most updated information about events that may be happening in our district/bldg.
 -8th Grade beat Whitmer last night 22-6.  Owen Mullins and Tanner Herz both scored touchdowns in the win.  Nathan Sterling also scored a defensive touchdown.  Nick Ibarra forced 2 fumbles and Ryan Stillings caught 3 passes.  Max Farmer, Andy Thomas, Andy Petiniot, Andrew Kostendt, Andy Cruz, Caden Ervin all had great games.   7th Grade lost 34 to 0.

MS Cross Country @ Pearson Park
Glenwood VB w/ Fassett Gold - 4:30 - Glenwood MS
Donnell VB at Fassett Green - 4:30 - Fassett MS
Donnell 7th FB at Fassett - 5:00 - Clay Stadium

Glenwood VB at Fassett Gold - 4:30 - Fassett MS
Donnell VB w/ Jefferson - 4:30 - Donnell MS

Donnell 7th FB w/ Fremont - 5:00 - FHS Practice Field
Glenwood 7th FB at Lima - 5:00 - Lima Stadium
Donnell 8th FB at Fremont - 5:00 - Fremont Don Paul Stadium
Glenwood 8th FB w/ Lima - 5:00 - Donnell Stadium

MS Cross Country at Marion

Building Reminders:
Students/Parents: Gum is not allowed in the building and students chewing gum will be disciplined.  Please remember if you are chewing gum on the way to school to dispose of it in a trash can before entering the building.  We want to ensure our school remains beautiful inside and out. Students also please be respectful of our neighbors by not littering on their lawns or picking their flowers on the way home from school.

Parents - please do not pick up or drop off any car riders on Baldwin Avenue.  All car riders should be dropped off and picked up on Lime Street.  It is very dangerous having students run across the street in front of buses.  Our students' safety is our top priority - please use Lime Street. Doors open in the morning at 7:20 a.m. and students are expected to be out of the bldg. and picked up by 2:45 p.m. each day.

Email Alerts now available for Progress Book:
Once you have registered for a Progress Book account, you can go to the Family Information section on the left side and click on Alerts.
You can have an email sent to you for when your student is missing assignments or has received a low assignment score.  You must check the appropriate boxes and click the Set Low Marks Settings to view the classes you wish to see low scores associated. You MUST choose a letter grade for each subject you wish to receive the alert about.

Progress Book Access:
If you need assistance with setting up your students / parent progress book access, please go to this link off the Donnell website.  It is on the left side column called:  Progress Book Assistance. http://www.findlaycityschools.org/pbhelp.html
Please fill in the form completely, with your student's full name and your full name.  If you just need the registration code, please state that and one will be sent to you.  Parents and students each have their own code.  If you are having other issues, please explain your situation and someone will contact you.

Lunch Accounts/ Fees:  Parents did you know that you can go through EZ Pay and sign up for text alerts to be notified when your child's lunch account is getting low?  Avoids having to check the account every day and student reminders don't always make it home to parents.  All you need is an email/phone number, your student's ID number and 2 minutes of your time, so check it out today at our school website!

Don Williams
Donnell Principal

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