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Donnell Middle School Announcement

-Spring Picture Day is Monday, April 3rd.   Spring pictures and the panoramic picture will be taken this day.  Please be sure to remind your students to dress for their pictures.

-The Washington DC trip chocolate bar sale has ended. Money is due.  Please be sure the envelopes turned in contain the child's name and the correct amount of money ($60).  Thanks for your support!

-We kicked off the cookie dough/tumbler sale, so please ask your student for information about it. This will be opened up to the entire 6th and 7th grade and also for the 8th graders going on the DC trip.  The 6th grade funds will be used toward Outdoor School, 7th grade funds will be used toward next year's Washington DC trip and it will be the last chance for 8th graders going this year to earn money. It will run through April 6th  Due to time issues it is imperative that all orders be turned in on or before April 6th.

-Don't forget to save your aluminum cans for the Ball Metal can drive.  It helps us earn money for the school.  Mrs. Acuna is heading the drive and also home base teachers are collecting cans.

-Donnelly Yearbooks are on sale now. The final day to order is April 10th. We don't order extras, and you don't want to miss out. Order your yearbook today! Extra order forms are available from Mrs. Sheaffer or in the main office. Attached you will find an order form with instruction on how to order online (fastest and easier way to order) or feel free to print it and send into the office with a check.

-The Donnell Walk-a-thon is coming! This year's theme is, These BOOTS are made for WALKIN' with all proceeds going toward The BOOT Project. Students, get your creativity flowing and submit a design for this year's t-shirt!  Designs are due March 23. Pick up the template from Mrs. Gilbert.

-The Virtue for March is Appreciation of Diversity.  Those that Appreciate Diversity * Advocate for justice and equality * Are fair * Listen to others * Learn from each other * Strive to understand * Respect differences * Cooperate * Recognize cultural similarities * Treat others with dignity * Resolve conflict peacefully.  Congratulation to all of our winners!
Teachers have selected:
          6th graders- Tabitha Cap and Izaak Zechman
          7th graders- Gus Cleary and Addison Hoffman
          8th graders- Nate Wallen and Bethany Wise

-PTO normally meets the second Monday of every month in the Room 101 at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted. All are welcome. The next  PTO meeting will be April 3 and nominations will be taken at this meeting.

Do you have a Facebook account? Go out and follow our new Donnell Middle School PTO Facebook page today !!!

-Always be sure and check our online calendars for the most updated information about events that may be happening in our district/bldg.

-We are looking for parent volunteers to work at the concession stand for track meets.  The money raised for concessions goes back to the students and teachers at Donnell Middle School and provides a great service to the teams and spectators to be able to get something to eat and drink.  Please sign up! See link below.

-We are looking for  individuals to help with the track meet next week  on Wednesday, April 5th.
Field events report at 4:45 and will be finished easily by 6:30 pm.
Running events report at 5:00 and will be finished by 7 pm.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Please email Kate Winger (kwinger at fcs.org<mailto:kwinger at fcs.org>) if you will be available to help with the track meet.

Building Reminders:
Students/Parents: Gum is not allowed in the building and students chewing gum will be disciplined.  Please remember if you are chewing gum on the way to school to dispose of it in a trash can before entering the building.  We want to ensure our school remains beautiful inside and out. Students also please be respectful of our neighbors by not littering on their lawns or picking their flowers on the way home from school.

Parents - please do not pick up or drop off any car riders on Baldwin Avenue.  All car riders should be dropped off and picked up on Lime Street.  It is very dangerous having students run across the street in front of buses.  Our students' safety is our top priority - please use Lime Street. Doors open in the morning at 7:20 a.m. and students are expected to be out of the bldg. and picked up by 2:45 p.m. each day.

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