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That is about all you can say with our latest weather, except I am glad I don't live in the New England states with 100 plus inches of snow and  this cold.

Well next week begins the PARCC testing for 4th and 5th graders. The will be taking three sections English language Arts given over a two day period.It is very important that students come to school on time. Classes will begin testing about 9:10. Once the test begins students are not allowed to enter the classroom. They will have to wait in the lobby and take the test as a make-up in my office. IF we have a delay the test will be given right after lunch. Lunch times are being adjusted to give each class as much time for testing as allowed by the rules, whether they test in the morning or afternoon when we delay.

Mon., Feb 23 – 4th Gr PARCC ELA unit 1
Tues., Feb 24 – 5th Gr PARCC ELA unit 1
Wed., Feb 25 – 4th Gr PARCC ELA Unit 2 & 3
Thur., Feb 26 – 5th Gr PARCC Unit 2 & 3
Fri., Feb 27 – 4th NAEP test for pre selected students, which parents have been notified ahead of time.

Please encourage your child to take their time and do their best on the test. That is all we can ask of them!

Have a good weekend! Stay Warm!


David Barnhill
Wilson Vance


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